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Print any design and transfer it onto any product, material & color with incredible durability.  No Minimums - Super Fast Shipping - Satisfaction Guaranteed



-Be sure your art work is sized at 22 x 120 inches.  You will need leave at least a 1/2 inch blank border around the artwork.

-Be sure when submitting your artwork it is a PNG that is transperant

-Be sure your image is transparent.

- We do not proof your artwork for spelling, content, imagery and or dpi.

- If we feel there is an issue with your artwork we will contact you via email,  This will push back your pick up time.  If we do not contact you we can not be held liable for the image you have sent and chosen to be print ready.  



-The only artwork assistance available for this product is gang sheet assistance and make my image transparent. Fees Apply

-We  can not change colors, content, spelling etc in your artwrok (if this is required please contact a member of our team)


Satisfaction Guaranteed. What this means.

This means that this product will press as intended when the applicable directions are followed.  We can not controll all pressing sinerios and situations, so if you have an issue pressing this product we ask that you call for a resolution and if the resolution can not be resolved over the phone we ask that you return with the product you are pressing and DTF Film so that a member of our team can instruct you on how to press the product.


File  type to be sent: PNG

  • Accepted file types: PNG

If using Corel Draw, please save your file as a PNG before submitting.

Direct To Film Transfer 22 x 120 Inches

  • 1.  After receiving your order, Inspect your product before pressing.  We  print what you send.  Once transfer is pressed, it will be impossible to remove.

    2.  Set your heat press for 302 degrees celsius.

    3.  Place garment on heat press,  Press out any excesive wrinkles.

    4. Place transfer on shirt facing down.

    5. Press transfer down for 10 seconds

    6. Wait for transfer to cool off.

    7.  Peel transfer cold.  

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