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Falcon Rhinestone Motif for Heat Press


This motif includes black, red and clear stones.


Falcon Rhinestone

  • Step 1 – Make sure your heat press is set to 330-340 degrees (fig. 1). Don’t start working when it’s at 300, nor should you if it was previously set to 400.

    Step 2 –  Complete a short preheat/prepress before you place the rhinestone transfer(Fig 2 & 3). This will help remove some excess moisture from the garment and provide you with a nice smooth, wrinkle free canvas. ahhh.. nice right?

    Step 3 – Set your transfer(Fig. 4). Get it right the first time. Check your placement. This is a very common mistake for apparel decorators. We have heard it all: upside-down, crooked, the wrong color, the wrong size. (Just go ahead and double check before moving on.)

    Step 4 – If  you are working with thinner materials (a women’s fashion shirt, undergarments, baby clothes, etc) Place a piece of parchment paper or Teflon between the garment sides(Fig. 5). (A.K.A. inside of the shirt.) This will prevent any glue from seeping through the shirt and sticking the front of the shirt to the back.

    Step 5 – Heat(Fig. 6)  the rhinestones for 10-15 seconds with about 40-50psi of pressure (medium setting on a heat press)

    Step 6 – Flip the garment over (Fig. 7) and press another 10 seconds. Yes, a second press like this will really help everything stick for the long haul.

    Step 7 –Wait patiently for the garment to cool(Fig. 8). This is a good time to start the placement of your next transfer on a different garment. A good rule of thumb… if you have to ask yourself, “is this cool enough?” .. it isn’t  Just wait few moments  longer.

    Step 8 – Peel off the transfer paper

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